Italian Citizenship by Administrative and Judicial Way - Differences, Cases and Services

In 2020, like every year, the international firm "Henley & Partners" of London, has compiled the international passport index (Henley Passport Index (HPI)) which classifies passports from all over the world with the freedom that they give their holders to move freely, making the Italian passport in fourth place. The Italian passport provides to their holders visa-free access to 188 countries worldwide and the freedom to move and work throughout the territory and countries of the European Community.

To obtain Italian citizenship, you must not only have the right, however it is essential in certain cases to activate specific procedures. In most cases, legal assistance in the to obtain Italian citizenship is not essential, however always advisable, as it is essential to avoid waste of time and economic resources. It is enough to think about all the preparatory, related and collateral bureaucratic activities needed for the Citizen Status' application in the case of a Citizenship request by descent, by marriage, by residence, by recognition of natural paternity/maternity, by adoption, to re-obtain citizenship, both before the Consulates of Italy in the World, and before the Administrative Authorities located in Italy (courts, police, municipalities, provinces, regions, ministries, etc.). These activities, depending on the case will be:

Obtaining the Italian tax code (necessary for working and living in Italy, but also for doing business); obtaining Italian Certificates from the Municipality (birth certificate, marriage certificate, residence certificate, family status certificate, death certificate, alive certificate, citizenship certificate); obtaining a criminal record certificate, a criminal record certificate, etc. with or without Apostille; creating or modification of Status before the Civil Status, creation of ancestors' certificates destroyed or non-existent, correction of certificates with incorrect details, etc.; AIRE registration assistance; assistance in requesting ID; assistance in passport application (first or renewal); assistance with birth, marriage, divorce and death registration applications; assistance with adoption; advice and assistance in applying for a visa and residence permit to enter Italy and the EU area.

Furthermore, there are specific cases in which the assistance of a lawyer is necessary. This happens for example in the cases in which access to the Court and judicial, ordinary or administrative, litigation, is required or necessary:

  1. To obtain Italian Citizenship by Descent, if it is transmitted by a female ancestor who gave birth to her child, included in the genealogical line of citizenship, before 1948;

  2. To obtain Italian Citizenship by Descent, when it will be possible to demonstrate that the waiting time before the Consulate for citizenship to be recognized, will certainly be longer than the legal deadline granted by law to the administrative authority for carrying out the procedure (730 days) or when it is possible to demonstrate that the Consulate has not put the application on the waiting list;

  3. To obtain Italian Citizenship if the legal deadline granted by law to the administrative authority for the conclusion of the procedure has elapsed;

  4. To defend the legitimate interest of the person requesting to have a denied right related to Italian citizenship;

  5. In the event of an unfounded refusal of Italian citizenship by the Public Administration.

Our law firm has its head office in Città di Castello, Italy, and has been dealing with Immigration and Citizenship law for more than a decade. We will assist with all the above mentioned cases. Our Legal Assistance is qualified and experienced, contrary to what can be expected from most agencies and companies currently operating in this type of market, especially abroad. We are expert professionals, qualified according to the acts and regulations imposed by Italian law. We are members of Perugia Law Society. Being registered and qualified professionals, we can represent our clients before administrations and courts, without having to resort to intermediaries/other professionals. With the current digital tools we have, we can offer an excellent remote service, even before Italian authorities abroad, such as Consulates, directly and fairly fast, capable of well compensating for any distances. Speaking fluently English, we can provide a direct service, which, as already specified, cuts the intermediaries/other professionals and consequently the final price of the legal assistance expenses due during the course of the procedure.

In our blog we have included further articles relating specifically to the Italian Citizenship, visit it for more content or contact us directly in case of doubts and questions, we will be happy to answer.

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